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[Others cannot be changed]

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Are you frustrated and have a lot of trouble?
Benefits of thinking in [Others cannot be changed]
I want people like this to read this blog
Do not criticize people
Am I a wonderful person to criticize others?
Others cannot change
Are you frustrated and have a lot of trouble?
Hello, this is Misuke.

It’s getting really hot lately.

I’m sorry I took a break from my blog for a long time.

I will do my best at my own pace again.

Today, I would like to think about [others cannot change].

I’ve only recently learned this idea.

We will share knowledge and output it.

Benefits of thinking in [Others cannot be changed]
I want people like this to read this blog
・ I often worry about relationships

・ I often get frustrated and confused

・ I want to fix a communication disorder

・ May be frustrated by SNS and social articles

Do not criticize people
Are you unknowingly criticizing someone?

Now that SNS has developed, on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

A lot of information flows every day.

Especially on Twitter, because you can tweet your thoughts very easily.

I understand the opinions of others very well.

And some people slap it when it’s different from their own way of thinking.

Some people are accusated.

Some people even bother to create a tapping account.

Why is that?

Each person has a sense of justice.

“I am right. That person is wrong. I have to correct my mistakes. “

And many people think of themselves

It’s easy to think of it as “general” and “common sense.”

But that’s just what I think

“General” and “common sense” for each person

That is, there is “justice.”

Everyone thinks their thoughts are correct.

That’s why the war doesn’t go away.

“I am myself” and “others are others” are fine.

You don’t have to find someone who thinks differently from you and hit them.

What authority does the hitter have?

Am I a wonderful person to criticize others?
In the first place, am I a great person to criticize people?

What authority do you have to criticize?

To criticize is that you are looking from above that person.

Am I the teacher of that person? Are you a boss?

You have to add that person’s grades and reflect them in your grades and bonuses.

It can’t be helped if you’re in a position, but in most cases it’s not.

Then you should stop criticizing immediately.

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Others cannot change
Often, “I want her to fix it because her way of thinking is strange.”

“I want my partner to understand.”

“I want to correct the way of thinking of her subordinates”

There is a person who says, but that is “impossible”.

It is decided by force.

You are not that person.

It’s a completely out-of-control event that you can do yourself.

At best, I can give “awareness seeds”.

And whether the other person notices or corrects

I have no choice but to leave it to the other party.

But people don’t change so easily.

If so, people who are different from their own way of thinking

It ’s better to stay away from people who frustrate you

It’s a lot easier.

Being with that person makes me unhappy.

Being away from that person is under your control.

I used to put up with it and try to connect with that person.

I made an effort, but I stopped.

It is a waste of time. Because my time is finite

It ’s better to spend time with friends who make you happy.

It is very effective.

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